Chi Alpha Omega History

A Brief history of Chi Alpha Omega

April 1, 1987 - Chi Alpha Omega National Christian Fraternity was founded by students at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. This group of 16 men became the Alpha Chapter.

Spring 1988 - Chris Christian left ECU and transferred to North Carolina State University, where he helped start the Beta Chapter.

August 26, 1994 - The Gamma Chapter was founded at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Spring 1995 - Beta Chapter becomes the flagship chapter. Efforts to uniform bylaws and ceremonies for use by all chapters is made. End of semester formal is held in Raleigh with brothers from UNC and NCSU attending.

Fall 1995 - A copy of the original National Constitution is found. Plans for updating and rewriting are made. Organization of the National Fraternity becomes a major priority.

Spring 1996 - A National Constitution Committee is formed.

April 1997 - web site is established, and is still active.

Spring 2001 - web site is established, then was abandoned.

February 2001 - Chi Alpha Omega Yahoo! Group established.

Spring 2002 - The Delta Chapter was founded at Appalachian State University. There were seven founding brothers; Johnathan Seymour, Kevin Cox, Stephen Shaw, John Beaumont, Stacy Wisdom, Jarrod Keesling, and Robbie Jester.

Epsilon chapter is formed at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Spring 2005 - Beta Chapter at ECU is reborn!

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